Monday, 6 July 2009

A New Arms Race, the Tiny Evolvers

A new Corewar arms race is in progress, the battle to create the smallest effective Corewar evolver. There are currently two contenders:
  • Terry Newton: Terry is the evolver guru having previously written three evolvers, Fizzle, REBS and Redmaker. Terry has three new tiny evolvers, JB, SEWAX and LCE. At least two of these have produced nano warriors that entered the hill.
  • John Metcalf: John is a hand-coder who recently got tempted by the dark side of Corewar! John has published two versions of his tiny Corewar evolver, TEV. Both TEV0 and TEV12 have created warriors which entered the nano hill.
Right now, I'm wondering if anyone will break the 1K barrier and if so, who :)

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