Sunday, 8 June 2008

Philip Thorne's Corewar Introduction

Philip Thorne's Corewar Introduction can be found at and has been reporting the latest tournament news since 2002.  The homepage has a handy selection of links for Corewar beginners.

What really make's Phil's site stand out is the unique content.  There are two useful tools, RSS feeds for the KOTH hills and a Redcode syntax definition for VIM.  The RSS feeds are updated daily.

Phil's Stone Analysis article has a thorough examination of 13 stones, comparing everything from speed and coverage to the type of core-clear.  Unfortunately, I didn't understand all of the figures in the table - a key would be helpful.

Finally, Phil has published a selection of warriors.  The layout here is almost perfect!  The warriors are presented in an interactive tree structure and the warrior files are displayed with syntax highlighting.

What I liked:
  • The Stone Analysis article
  • The presentation of warriors
Room for improvement:
  • A key to help interpret the Stone Analysis table

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