Thursday, 12 June 2008

Tales from the Digital Wilderness

Tales from the Digital Wilderness is John Metcalf's Redcode programming blog, hosted at  Emphasis is given to implementing real algorithms in Redcode such as sorting and seaching.

John uses a standard Blogger template, with a post archive and a selection of useful Corewar links in the sidebar.  Usually there are 3 to 4 posts per month.

There are two Corewar related posts.  Parallel Processes describes a useful pMARS macro and An Improved '88 Quick-scanner shows how Paul Kline's technique can be used to create a 48 instruction '88 qscan which scans 36 locations.  The remainder of the blog is devoted to algorithms.

Some posts I found particularly interesting are Comb sortStooge sort and Gnome sort which I hadn't previously heard of.  Apart from sorting, there are implementations of seaching and number theory algorithms.  A post comparing the performance of the different techniques would be an interesting addition.

What I liked:
  • A unique concept
  • The code is well written
Room for improvement:
  • For the more complex code, a detailed description would be nice
  • A few comments would make the code easier to understand

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