Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Łukasz Grabuń's Book of Stones

Łukasz Grabuń has a small Corewar site at http://grabun.com/corewar.  Apart from a selection of useful links, Łukasz's site contains the Book of Stones which he describes as "a modest continuation to the second chapter of Steven Morell's book".

The first chapter has an analysis of Carbonite by Ian Sutton.  After describing Carbonite's bombing run and the switch to a clear, the interaction with an opponent D-Clear is examined in detail. Unfortunately, the advantage of the remote bomb and using add.ab {0,}0 in preference to add.ab -1,-1 are not mentioned.

Behemot by Michal Janeczek is discussed in the second (and final) chapter.  The article begins by introducing the airBag and incendiary bomb techniques before moving on to Behemot's inner workings and interaction with dat bombers.

What I liked:
  • The Book of Stones
Room for improvement:
  • The chapter about Carbonite doesn't mention a couple of important points

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